Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Next New Thing

The next new thing: The Holographic Television

At the present time, 3D viewing are available on the movie theaters. But if today, 3D viewing is still limited, how about the future? It is possible that now, inventors are in the process of making the Holographic Television which may be available in our homes in the future. The Holographic television involves the projection of floating 3D images.

Currently, there is not much information available on how a holographic TV set would work. But according to a University of Arizona research team, "they could be constructed as a screen on the wall (like flat panel displays) that shows 3-D images, with all the image writing lasers behind the wall; or it could be like a horizontal panel on a table with holographic writing apparatus underneath." A "hologram projector" would draw the image through the television.

They are currently being invented at the present time. So in the future, we may expect them to be available to the future generations.

Imagine if you are watching in this holographic television, a villain of a movie could be jumping out of your wall like it is happening for real. Exciting, isn't it?


  1. It will be really awesome to watch a 3D movie from your home.

  2. I believe they are currently working on holographic glasses. Where you just put some glasses on and it projects 3d images onto the glasses or something. I guess it will be inconvenient for people who wear glasses though.

  3. Yep I think they are. Glasses are very inconvenient. But I think they are now working on something where people won't use glasses anymore.