Friday, April 2, 2010

Our Class Wiki So Far

This class has made me more familiar in working with Wikis.

More importantly, I have been working on my pledged task to contribute on the topics about New Media and Privacy Issues. I also created the page "Current Legal/Ethical Cases" involved with Privacy Issues in New Media. I have already put particular Legal/Ethical cases that may be of interest to readers because they pertain to either privacy invasion, copyright infringement or revenue losses. I am currently searching for recent cases regarding security risks involved with Social Networking Sites.

Besides my pledged topics on the task list, I started browsing through pages on our class wiki's subtopics about New Media to check for any spelling and grammatical errors.

I also added information on the topic "Peer to Peer." BitTorrent is somehow a redux of Napster. I added in the information on how BitTorrent works and how efficient it is for downloading large amount of files. I decided to add this information because the article that I chose to critique was "The BitTorrent Effect" by Clive Thompson. Creator of BitTorrent Bram Cohen explains how it works yet it raises the issue of illegal downloading. I think this is necessary because BitTorrent is a P2P File Sharing Software.

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